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Nov 15, 2023 | Corporate Readiness Program

Techmindz helps business and IT graduates become industry-ready by teaching and reinforcing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to meet organisational objectives.

India’s educated youth lack the basic skills needed to become employable and ready to work in various industries.

According to Higher Education in India: Vision 2030, a report prepared for FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry), 75% of IT graduates are deemed “unemployable,” while 55% of manufacturing graduates, 55% of healthcare graduates, and 50% of banking and insurance graduates are deemed “unemployable.” According to NASSCOM, only 10-15% of other graduates are considered employable in the IT/ITES industries.

The Role Of Corporate Readiness Program (CRP)

A person’s, system’s, or organisation’s readiness to meet a situation and carry out a planned sequence of actions is referred to as readiness. Human resources must first define how they contribute to corporate readiness and, more specifically, organisational readiness activities.

Unfortunately, because their role is typically focused on specific curriculum and learning design areas, these groups are frequently overlooked in the preparatory stages. At best, decisions on change management processes often result in well-detailed power points and technology purchases. However, I believe that resources and time would be better spent preparing people and cultures for change.

How Does CRP Support Organisations?

So, how can CRP assist the organization more effectively? Let’s take a look at the specific roles it should play:

·       Support

Such leadership training on promoting employee resilience and flexibility of action creates an organisational readiness culture. This entails implementing specific training programs with the participation and approval of senior management.

·       Mapping

Organisational change frequently necessitates department restructuring and reorganisation. As a result, the performance mapping process for identifying key organisational competencies for day-to-day operations should be expanded to encourage cross-training and certifications. Furthermore, organisations should think about the skills needed to prepare for new situations and unexpected demands. Preparation should go beyond the standard fire drill.

·       Staffing

Economic downturns frequently result in significant hiring or layoffs. Such personnel are well-suited to support marketing or internal communication teams, as we saw during the recent Covid-19 crisis. Only a small percentage of organisational groups thoroughly understand the organisation and its roles.

Furthermore, the competency maps developed should be used to guide hiring practices. Create hiring practices that consider the roles or skill sets required to navigate change. It should come as no surprise that businesses may be forced to downsize during economic downturns.

What are the Basic Objectives of this Program?

Participants in this program will be able to:

· Recognise the distinction between theoretical and practical learning

· Investigate time management and production methods

· Recognise the harsh realities of the workplace

· Understanding communication techniques and etiquette

· Recognise the steps involved in the marketing of hospitality and tourism

· Recognise and appreciate various cultural etiquette and nuances

· Setting goals and motivating yourself

· Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a term that refers to the ability

· Organising your time

· Listening attentively

· Personality traits

· Composing emails

· Answering phone calls

The distinct characteristics of millennials necessitate a new strategic approach to employee recruitment and retention. One of the most pressing issues facing businesses today is ensuring that recruits reach their full potential, as expected by the company’s managers because graduates are only theoretically prepared but unprepared for the practical environment.

This training program lays the groundwork for your organisation’s newcomers to get ready for work by improving administrative skills, time management, interpersonal skills, and emotional readiness to face the harsh realities of the workplace. Furthermore, the program will teach small important details, such as how to answer phone calls and write emails to colleagues and clients.

Techmindz’s Corporate Readiness Program Makes You Ready for the Corporate World

Techmindz’s training and mentoring platform are created to assist our students in finding a rewarding career path along with skills required for the future corporate world. We have a set of customized courses that will take you on a learning journey and prepare you to be a successful and future-ready professional. Along with your degree, we offer industry-relevant online certification training courses to help you get a job.

Our corporate soft skills trainers prepare graduates with job-based learning programs such as Robotics Process AutomationJavaDigital Marketing, etc. We assist in developing overall personalities that are confident and mature enough to function effectively in a variety of situations.

Contact us today to know more about CRP in Techmindz.


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