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What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the leading technologies that small to huge enterprises use to power their daily tasks. RPA is a software program that performs basic, repetitive duties across various applications. Software robots can recognize what’s provided on the display screen, navigate systems, detect and extract information, and execute various actions. By enrolling in the RPA course in Kochi, you can equip yourself with the skills needed to thrive in this tech era.

Techmindz’s RPA training at Kochi, offers comprehensive instructions in Robotic process automation that helps in the proper workflow that makes businesses more profitable and responsive. It also enhances staff satisfaction, engagement and increases productivity by eliminating routine tasks from their workdays.

Why should you learn the RPA course in Kochi?

Artificial intelligence is one of the popular concepts that has recently been teamed up with RPA. Easy to use and implement, being an RPA developer not only boosts your career growth but also enhances your finances. The average salary for an RPA developer ranges around $100,275/year.

  1. Staying ahead of the game

As per McKinsey Global Institute, by 2030, automation will be the driving force pushing people to reskill themselves and transform their career paths. Businesses will still need people with specialized expertise in topics like RPA, analytics, AI, cloud services, etc. The pay for people with such skills will be high compared to others. Demand for people skilled in RPA is sure to skyrocket.

  1. Freedom and Flexibility to work

Working in the RPA industry allows you the freedom and flexibility to work anywhere, anytime. Many countries such as India, the US, the UK, Italy, and others offer RPA developers to work from home or any location as long as they have a strong internet connection. If you don’t like being tied to being a chair, working as an RPA developer will give you that flexibility.

  1. Showcase your ability

When it comes to applying for any job, companies are interested in qualified candidates for that specific position. Though what defines a qualified candidate may differ, the credentials remain the same and are the primary deciding aspect. An RPA certification course shows that you are not only serious about being an RPA developer but also have displayed your knowledge to succeed in this role.

Why should you learn from Techmindz?

If you are looking forward to undergoing a Robotic Process Automation Training, then learn from the best. We at Techmindz are a pioneer in Corporate Training Platform Services in Kerala by having our office right in Infopark, Kochi. Techmindz is the right platform where young minds are given the chance to build successful careers. 

  • Backed by NDimensionz, Infopark Kochi an established multinational corporation.
  • Branches in US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Dubai and SA.
  • An ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
  • Affiliated with NACTET, NSDC and KKEM.
  • Training led by industry experienced professionals.
  • Hands on training with case studies, assignments etc.
  • Choose from online or Offline classes.
  • Access to recordings of all sessions, even offline classes.
  • Industry-based project scenarios for practical experience.
  • Personalized support from a dedicated placement team.
  • Comprehensive interview prep program, including mock interviews and interview questions.
  • Master your interview skills with our own AI based interview tool.
  • Located at Infopark Kochi, with access to a network of 650+ tech companies

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Boost productivity and streamline workflows with our Robotic Process Automation Program for effortless business automation.

Course Plans available at Techmindz

Learn the Robotic Process Automation Course in Kochi from Techmindz, which offers the best RPA training in Kochi. There are mainly three plans that we have:


Duration 2.5 Months Training
 15 Days Live Project


  • Certified course
  • Internship based on PE
  • 8 Grooming sessions
  • Performance evaluations
  • Recorded sessions
  • Extra learning sessions
  • Weekly assignments
  • Main project
  • Free access to LMS
  • Update on job vacancies in and around Infopark


 Duration 2.5 Months Training 15 Days Live Project
3 Months Internship


  • Certified Course
  • Confirmed Paid Internship
  • Sessions by Industry Experts
  • Flexible Pricing options
  • 24/7 learner assistance and support
  • Placement based on PE
  • 8 Grooming sessions
  • Performance evaluations
  • Recorded sessions
  • Extra learning sessions
  • Weekly assignments
  • Main project
  • Free access to LMS

Update on job vacancies in and around Infopark


 Duration 2.5 Months Training  15 Days Live project
 3 Months Internship with Stipend & Job Placement


  • Assured Placement
  • Certified Course
  • Confirmed Paid Internship
  • Sessions by Industry Experts
  • Live Client Projects
  • Flexible Pricing options
  • 24/7 learner assistance and support
  • 8 Grooming sessions
  • Performance evaluations
  • Recorded sessions
  • Extra learning sessions
  • Weekly assignments
  • Main project
  • Free access to LMS

Update on job vacancies in and around Infopark


Topic 1: Introduction to RPA and UiPath

– Robotic Process Automation (RPA) overview

– Introduction to UiPath and its features

– UiPath Studio installation and configuration

Topic 2: Automation Fundamentals

– Variables and data types in UiPath

– Control flow activities and loops

– Selectors and UI automation

– Handling errors and exceptions

Topic 3: Web and Application Automation

– Web automation using UiPath

– Automating tasks in desktop applications

– Working with files, folders, and data tables

Topic 4: Advanced Automation Concepts

– Word, Excel and PDF automation

– Email automation

– Introduction to UiPath Orchestrator

– Queue management and scheduling

Topic 5: Project Development and Best Practices

– Designing efficient and scalable workflows

– Error handling and debugging techniques

– Version control with Git

– Robotic Enterprise Framework (REF) implementation



Q1: What will I learn in an RPA course?

A: The RPA course in Kochi enables you to learn the basic concepts of the Robotic process automation. Through this you will be able to independently develop and design automation for business processes. Also, you may cover topics like workflow automation, RPA implementation and more.

Q2: Are there any prerequisites for learning RPA Course?

A: It is good if you have a degree in computer science. Also, an algorithmic way of understanding and thinking capability would be much beneficial for this course. Even the Robotic Process Automation Course in Kochi can be learnt by a non-IT student but it might take more time for them to understand it. 

Q3: What career opportunities are available in the RPA course?

A: Once you finish the Robotic Process Automation Course from Kochi and gain some hands-on expertise, you will have lots of opportunities to work.  You can work in diverse industries like IT, automation, client offerings, logistics, healthcare, and more. Even you can start your own RPA consulting firm. 

Q4: Can I learn RPA Course without a technical background?

A: Yes, the RPA online course in Kochi, like many other courses doesn’t strictly have any prerequisites. The primary knowledge of the computer system and familiarity with business techniques may be beneficial. This being a beginner-friendly course, it’s fine if you don’t have prior programming knowledge.  

Q5: Can I get practical hands-on experience in an RPA course?

A: Yes, renowned RPA courses like the Robotic Process Automation Course in Kochi, consist of projects, practical exercises giving you more exposure. Through this you get the hold to apply the learned concepts and tools in the real-world scenario. 

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