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Specializing in any tech course these days has become vital to stay ahead in this competitive world. We are here to bridge the gap between you and companies. Proud to be one of the best software testing institutes in Kochi, we provide an extensive set of courses designed to help you realise your dreams, grow your talents, and come across your passions. Whether you’re looking to learn more about internships, corporate training, or opportunities, we provide a wide range of services tailored to your interests.


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With years and decades in the industry, Techmindz is the ideal place if you are looking for top-notch software courses in Kochi. We aim to help you achieve your ideal IT job by giving you a strong foundation in any popular software course. We have been a reliable placement partner for most software firms, both large and small.

By offering both offline and online training, our courses are designed to make the students job-ready and successfully placed in top MNCs during their course completion period. With our placement guarantee, we also offer career support services that help you land your dream job. 

Internship Opportunities

Meaningful, practical work aligned with a student’s field of study or career interest.

Student Training

IT Training program provides students of all backgrounds the chance to achieve industry-recognised credentials.

Corporate Training

Boost business by empowering employees through professional development and skill enhancement.

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What makes Us Special

 SLIM Model

SLIM promotes active learner involvement and understanding of learned information, enhancing optimal learning by emphasizing its significance and practical application.

 Expert Trainers

Highly experienced trainers and industry experts offer practical knowledge and invaluable real-world insights for effective skill development.

 Back Up Support

Techmindz is a prominent learning and mentoring platform supported by NDimensionZ, a 16-year-old technology company located in Infopark Kochi.

 Campus Location

As a global technology company, we have established the first corporate training platform in the central area of Infopark Campus, Kochi.

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We can help you enhance your career skills with a vast selection of our IT training courses:


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Result Oriented

Corporate Trainings

Techmindz presents a unique software training platform that offers professional guidance and prepares individuals for employment opportunities in external companies. At the heart of the Infopark Campus, Techmindz is the first corporate training platform within an IT firm. It provides participants access to job prospects, internships, and comprehensive technology education within a corporate setting. Being known as the top IT training institutes in Infopark, our esteemed training panel comprises experienced professionals with a minimum of eight years of expertise in the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancements.

Boosts Employee Retention

Promotes the Organization’s persona

Improves Employee Performance

Helps to Motivate the Employees

Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness

Retention of Top Talent



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