Techmindz is affiliated to National Council for Technology and Training (NACTET)

The National Council for Technology and Training (NACTET) is a government organization in India that oversees training and skill development programs. Established under the Indian Trust Act, the National Council for Technology and Training (NACTET) functions as an autonomous organization, recognized by both the Kerala and Delhi governments. NACTET endeavors to provide industry relevant education and well-crafted training and skill development programs in different technical areas through selected affiliates. Being affiliated with NACTET means that Techmindz’s courses have been reviewed and approved by the government. This affiliation ensures you’re receiving high-quality, industry-relevant training that prepares you for a successful career. NACTET affiliation may also make Techmindz certificates more valuable to potential employers.

Techmindz is affiliated to National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)

Techmindz is accredited with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), which signifies that we are one of the top software training institutes in Kerala. NSDC is a government initiative dedicated to empowering India’s youth by providing comprehensive skill development programs that align with industry needs. This accreditation signifies that Techmindz’s training courses meet NSDC’s rigorous quality standards and equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving job market. This also makes our certificates more valuable and credible among potential employers making you a strong candidate for your dream IT career.

Techmindz is affiliated to Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission (KKEM)

Techmindz stands out as a top software training institute in Kerala, affiliated by the Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission (KKEM), a government body which aims to equip youth with essential knowledge for the digital era. We have curated cources to provide skills training to graduates and enable them to become job-ready. This accreditation signifies Techmindz’s dedication to quality education. Our programs meet KKEM’s strict standards, ensuring graduates possess the skills and knowledge to succeed in the dynamic job market. Consequently, Techmindz certificates hold greater value and credibility with potential employers, making you a strong candidate for your dream IT career.

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