Top 5 Companies Offering Corporate Readiness Programs In India

Oct 17, 2023 | Corporate Readiness Program

Thousands of students in India are unsure of their career path or fearful of pursuing their passion. To make matters worse, many of them are either unprepared for the workforce or have limited practical experience.

The majority of students and professionals nowadays are eager to improve their skills. They understand that doing so will improve their career prospects because recruiters prefer to hire skilled employees with domain knowledge.

Why is Corporate Training Needed?

Technology has made business transformation much more well-received and better paced in this constantly changing business environment, which is a boon to the corporate training segment. While the traditional methods and basic learning objectives of corporate training have not changed significantly, how the training content is delivered has progressed rapidly and is still evolving.

According to McKinsey’s research, about two-thirds of all business transformation mandates fail because they don’t meet the goals set and aren’t backed up by a “skilled-enough” workforce. As a result, reorganising the workforce becomes an unavoidable task.

In recent years, training and development have evolved into a distinct business function with more formalised methodologies and theories. It’s also regarded as a long-term strategic project rather than a cost centre for the company. The majority of businesses have embraced ‘continual learning’ and are consciously investing more in it to promote employee growth both professionally and personally and, as a result, to acquire a highly skilled workforce.

So here we list down the top 5 corporate training companies in India:

1.    Centum Learning

Centum Learning is at the top of the list as a leader in the global training landscape and skills development, providing technology-enabled blended learning solutions.

Because of the collaborative learning environment and the trainer feedback system integrated into it, blended learning techniques have proven to be an effective tool for keeping the attrition rate in check. Centum has trained over 1.2 million people across India and Africa, with domain expertise in over 21 industry verticals and a team of over 2000 learning and development specialists. Centum Learning’s unique ‘Source Hire Train (SHT)’ solution has also aided in the company’s leading position as one of India’s ‘Best Corporate Training Companies.’

2.    UpGrad

UpGrad offers students, working professionals, and businesses programs in Data Science, Technology, Management, and Law. Top universities such as IIT Madras, MICA, NMIMS Global Access, Jindal Global Law School, Duke CE, Deakin University, Liverpool John Moores University, and others collaborate on graduate programs.

This technology platform provides students with industry-relevant coursework, strong mentorship, and job placement assistance.


Talerang began as a Harvard Business School independent research project. Talerang provides high-quality work-readiness solutions to India’s workforce shortage. It provides career training to students and professionals to make India more employable. Talerang’s online model provides access to internship and job opportunities at their 350+ corporate partners and a variety of industry-recognised certificate programs.

For holistic professional development, Talerang’s training methodology incorporates live training with Harvard cases, proprietary assessments, interaction with guest speakers, industry exposure, custom learning journeys, training on 21st century hard skills, soft skills, and personal mentoring. Talerang’s impact has resulted in a 53 percent increase in students’ work readiness.

4.    NIIT

NIIT is a leading Skills and Talent Development Corporation that is constructing a human resources pool to meet the needs of the global training industry. Because of its vast yet comprehensive array of talent development programs, the company was founded to assist the nascent IT industry in overcoming its human resource challenges.

It now ranks among the world’s leading training companies. Individuals, businesses, and institutions can benefit from NIIT’s training and development solutions available in 40 countries.

5.    Techmindz

Techmindz offers both in-classroom and out-of-classroom corporate training. Many organisations have benefited from the workshops for enriching individuals in team-building training, teamwork, and leadership development, which are facilitated by an experienced faculty of corporate trainers and soft skills trainers.

Techmindz prepares business and IT graduates for the workplace by teaching and reinforcing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to achieve organisational goals.

Get Ready for the Corporate World with Techmindz

How well employees are trained and developed to handle the ever-increasing competition is critical to high-quality business outcomes and service. As a result, corporate training will always be an important function of any organization, though its role will be different from before. Contact us to know more about the Techmindz grooming and training platform.


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