Corporate Readiness Program (Soft Skills, Behavioural and Leadership Training)

The Corporate Readines Program (CRP) by Techmindz in Kochi provides in-depth leadership and behavioural training to its aspirants to become leaders in their field and assures not only the best placement opportunities but a growth in career as well.

Corporate Readiness Program

Java is one of the most popular object-oriented programming languages used to develop Web Applications and Android applications. Techmindz provides in-depth JAVA training to its aspirants and also assures the best of placement opportunities.

Course Purpose and Overview

Landing a job could be easy. But, building a career is not. There is a huge gap between what employers expect and what employees can give. Fortunately, this gap can be filled by taking advantage of Techmindz’s Corporate Readiness Program (CRP), where you get trained on behavioral and leadership skills by experts who have mentored more than 2,00,000 graduate students and corporate professionals for over 15 years.

This course includes

Communication Skills


Personal Development and Leadership Skills


Performance Management


Conflict Management


Interview Skills and Profiling