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Building Career, Empowering Trainers: Our Corporate Readiness Program

Introduction to the course

With our Corporate Readiness Program at Techmindz, we intend to improve the candidate’s enterprise acumen and employability quotient to prepare them for the challenges and expectancies of the corporate world. Here, we equip them with the important capabilities, know-how, and mindset to emerge as globally relevant, socially accountable and emotionally competent professionals and entrepreneurs. For those planning to indulge in this program,

Benefits of Studying Corporate Readiness Program

The corporate readiness program course will take you on a journey of mastering and helping you become a successful and future-ready expert.

Skill Development: This course mainly specializes in developing vital capabilities required for the corporate environment, like verbal exchange, teamwork, leadership, time-management, and so on. 

Networking Opportunities: The corporate readiness program offers an access to professionals, recruiters, and enterprise experts via networking. Through a solid networking they can avail beneficial connections, mentors and better employment opportunities.  

Professional Certification: Our corporate training services offers the opportunity to the professional to gain industry-specific certifications and credentials that can boost their credibility and marketability in the job market. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Here are some of the reasons why we are the best in the industry:

    • Backed by NDimensionz, Infopark Kochi is an established multinational corporation.
    • Braches in the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Dubai and SA.
    • An ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
    • Affiliated with NACTET, NSDC and KKEM.
    • Training is led by industry-experienced professionals.
    • Hands training with case studies, assignments, etc.
    • Choose from online or Offline classes.
    • Access to recordings of all sessions, even offline classes.
    • Industry-based project scenarios for practical experience.
    • Personalized support from a dedicated placement team.
    • Comprehensive interview prep program, including mock interviews and interview questions.
    • Master your interview skills with our own AI-based interview tool.
    • Located at Infopark Kochi, with access to a network of 650+ tech companies

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Corporate Readiness Program

Get Ready for Corporate Success: Our Program Equips You with the Skills and Confidence to Thrive. Unleash Your Potential!

Course Programs

Here are three customized plans for you. Choose from any of the following at your discretion.


Skill Training :As per corporate requirements


  • Effective Communication and its Barriers / Non-Verbal Communication /
  • Listening Skills / Email Writing Etiquette
  • weekly assignments
  • Industry relevant assessments
  • Experienced Trainers from MNCs
  • Mock interviews and Interview specific support
  • third party assessment : Pre -Mid -post


Duration: As per
corporate requirements



  • Emotional Intelligence / Self Awareness – Growth Vs Fixed Mindset / Self
  • Management – Change Management / Social Awareness / Empathy /
  • Interpersonal Skills / Teamwork
  • weekly assignments
  • Industry relevant assessments
  • Experienced Trainers from MNCs
  • Mock interviews and Interview specific support
  • third party assessment : Pre -Mid -post


Duration: As per
corporate requirements


  • Goal Setting / Time Management / Presentation Skills / Confidence Building
  • weekly assignments
  • Industry relevant assessments
  • Experienced Trainers from MNCs
  • Mock interviews and Interview specific support
  • third party assessment : Pre -Mid -post


1: Getting Started: Career Readiness Orientation – 4 hours

i. Introduction to Professionalism
ii. Know Yourself
iii. Exploring opportunities
iv. Goal Settng

2: Effective communication – 4 hours

i. Understanding communication
ii. Verbal and Non Verbal Communication
iii. Importance of different communication styles
iv. Technology etiquettes

3: Team and Leadership – 4 hours

i. Self and peer Motivation
ii. Initiation and spontaneity
iii. Positive working relationships
iv. Understanding leadership

4: Problem solving skills – 4 hours

i. Decision Making
ii. Workplace Aptitude
iii. Coping
iv. Work values and etiquettes

5: Time management & prioritization – 4 hours

i. Effective utilization of your time
ii. Goal Seting: Short term and long term
iii. Occupational Interests

6: Presentation skills – 4 hours

i. Positive Identity
ii. Individual and transferable skills
iii. Understanding your audience
iv. Interview skills

7: Emotional Intelligence & stress management – 4 hours

i. Workplace safety
ii. Emotional Quotient and empathy
iii. Support and criticism
iv. Technology etiquette

8: Career Resource preparation – 2 hours

i. Cover Letter and resume
ii. Email, Telephonic and chat etiquette



Q1: What are the types of corporate readiness program?

Our Corporate readiness program will include various types of learning such as on-the-job training, seminars, workshops, modules, and other interactive sessions. This is to boost your skillsets. We at Techmindz are the leading corporate training center in Kerala that offers you various programs to elevate your career.

Q2: How does your program prepare students for the corporate world?

Our corporate readiness program prepares you with all of the important skillsets you need to stay on in the corporate world like communication, ability to resolve problems, teamwork, and decision making. We do that by conducting exams, mock-up tests and imparting you with hands-on experience with real-world situations.

Q3: Will students get to have hands-on experience during the program?

Absolutely. Our corporate training courses focuses on offering you hands-on experience and training in various industry situations. This will give you an excellent opportunity to work on current industry projects. With such projects, you will be getting valuable experience and insights to the corporate world.

Q4: What sets your corporate learning program unique?

What makes our corporate training program unique from the rest is our all-inclusive curriculum, one-on-one customized approach, etc. to help you ready yourself for the corporate world.

Q5: What kind of support or resources are available to participants throughout the program?

Students will get ongoing support from experienced mentors, free access to latest resources and tools, career counseling, along with after-course support. This will ensure a seamless transition into the corporate world and that’s what makes us one of the best corporate Training Institutes in Kochi.

Q6: Are there any specific skills or competencies that this program focuses on developing?

Yes. When you avail of corporate readiness program in Kochi, you will be learning a range of skills necessary for corporate success such as leadership, communication, critical thinking, adaptability, emotional intelligence and industry-related knowledge.

Q7: Do you provide certifications for this program?

Yes. We will provide you completion certificate once you complete our corporate readiness program.

Q8: Do you offer placement after completing this course?

Of course. We will offer placement cell that will support students to get a lucrative career opportunity with big organizations, thus using our wide network of industry connections.

Q9: What Career Can I Look After Learning Corporate Readiness Program?

Once you complete your corporate readiness program, you can indulge in various careers like management trainee, project coordinator, operations manager, marketing associate, business analyst, and human resource specialist in various industries.

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