Tips to Hitting the Bullseye in Your Resume

Oct 31, 2023 | Corporate Readiness Program

Most resumes are made to list previous employment history, but this isn’t what makes a strong resume.

Making it as simple as possible for a recruiter to identify the parallels between you and the post they are attempting to fill is how to create a resume that markets experiences in a way that displays how well one fulfils the precise requirements for a certain job vacancy.

Here in this blog, we will give tips and tricks on hitting the bullseye with your resume.

  • Research the Target Job and Employer

Most of the time, a job posting or the employer’s website will have this information. You should have the job description and the firm name available when you apply for a job. You can make a very focused resume using only the company name and the job description. 

Pay attention to the job description’s keywords and use them sparingly (where suitable) throughout your resume. Eliminate any jargon-filled phrases, and emphasise experiences over job titles.

  • Highlight Transferable Skills

Unanimously, businesses do not want to recruit applicants that pose a risk. They want to see that you won’t be dangerous, regardless of who you create your resume for. Use your CV to demonstrate to a potential employer how committed you are to this career path, this organisation, and this position. 

Prove to them that you are not only the best but also the least dangerous candidate for the position. This can be accomplished by emphasising abilities like adaptability and versatility.

  • Focus on Relevant Accomplishments

Put your most significant, role-specific achievements at the top of each list of bullets. Make sure your resume has an easy-to-follow layout, and concentrate on the most important details.

To keep the document to one page, list at most five accomplishments for each job. Find ways to include the qualifications the employer needs in your resume as you adapt it to the position for which you’re applying.

  • Focus on the Top of the Resume

Make the material on your resume that appears at the top appealing to entice the hiring manager or recruiter to continue reading. Include a catchy headline or summary, make concise, role-related bullet explanations, and start with your most relevant experiences. 

Please provide the best, most important information at the front of the resume, keeping in mind that the hiring manager may only have a short time to review it.

  • Identify Gaps

In other words, do you have any abilities not listed on your existing resume that are required for this job? If yes, edit your resume to reflect these abilities; examples of your work will help to show your background. 

You may possess complementary abilities that will help you rapidly pick up the necessary skills. Gaps sometimes need to be filled. Don’t list abilities you don’t possess. It’s impossible to make up.

  • Optimise it for Mobile

Professionals frequently work from their mobile devices when they are not at their desks. Utilise this expertise by ensuring that a mobile device can easily read your resume. 

Check how your resume appears on various mobile devices before submitting it to ensure that it can be read. This little step could make the hiring manager more likely to review your resume carefully.


If you adapt and localise your resume to satisfy recruiters’ formal specifications and expectations, finding work in the tech job market will be possible.

Use these six suggestions to write a CV that will significantly increase your chances of getting the amazing job you’ve dreamed of. For more information, contact Techmindz, and we’ll help you find your ideal position. Also, you can enrol in any of our tech programs like Robotic Process Automation, Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity, etc., wherein we help you get your dream job with a resume that is sure to target the right recruiters for you.


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