Is Communication Etiquette is Myth for IT Professionals?

Nov 29, 2023 | Corporate Training

There may be millions and millions of companies out there that do different kinds of business operations. But they all have one thing in common- relying on communication to move their business ahead.

Effective communication is the key to a productive working environment. Although email, instant chats, and video chats have made professional communication more efficient and accessible, it can be difficult to deliver messages using these tools. If you wish to communicate with courtesy in the workplace, you must follow the standards of communication etiquette to guarantee that people receive your words as you intend.

What is Communication Etiquette?

The recognized means of speaking with others in the workplace are referred to as communication etiquette. Good communication etiquette entails actions and methods that can assist you in relaying information accurately while keeping healthy relationships with your superiors, colleagues, and clients.

Communication Etiquette is used to summon thoughts of courteous talks and well-dressed professionals, as well as the right methods to answer the phone, address mail and greet and acknowledge others. However, in today’s business, it signifies a lot more. Communication Etiquette is the acknowledged rule of conduct that we apply in our relationships. It refers to the words, habits, and attitudes we communicate with both in-person and via technology.

How to Follow Good Communication Etiquette in the Workplace?

·  Know the Right Medium for Communication

Normally in the workplace, we come across many modes of communication such as emails, phone calls, instant messaging, video calls, etc. It is always good to determine which mode suits you in a particular situation.

For instance, if you have a quick update for your superior, a text message or instant messaging will be apt. However, suppose you need major changes in your particular project. In that case, emails or video calls will be the preferred mediums as they are better suited for long-term and detailed communications.

·  Check on the Level of Formality

The required formality of any method of communication is frequently determined by the person to whom you are speaking. However, there may be exceptions depending on the circumstances and individuals involved. Some firms with casual working conditions may favour a more informal mode of communication, with some managers preferring to be addressed by their first name.

To determine these elements, try to assess the work culture of your firm. If you’re unsure, get advice from a coworker or study formal business communication standards if they’re accessible.

· Check on the Timing

The moment you make a call or send an email can impact how the recipient receives it. For example, if you know a colleague will be busy later in the day, you may find them more open to discussion in the morning.

Whether an email or phone contact is required later in the day, try sending a warning to the individual in issue and asking if it is acceptable to email or call at a specific time.

·  Acknowledge Others

When you get communications from others, especially written communication or voicemail, attempt to answer to confirm your comprehension. If the communication is about an ongoing task, you are involved in, acknowledging the message can imply that you have a thorough understanding of the most recent information.

If the message is an announcement or memo, an expression of gratitude can demonstrate that you appreciate the sender giving the information.

Techmindz Grooms You to be the Best Professional

Use the advice in this article to break free from the toxic assumption attitude and implement a more successful communication strategy in your organization. Organizational performance and great business outcomes necessitate continuous sharing of vital information and feedback. By being completely present at the moment, you can avoid passive listening. Good communication etiquette is the main criterion that keeps businesses, especially IT sectors, from falling apart. You can get advanced-level skill development training and coaching around emerging technologies at Techmindz, a corporate training platform. We are the first corporate training platform established in the heart of Infopark Campus, Kochi, by an IT company NDimensionZ, to deliver in-depth technology learning within a corporate environment while also offering internship and career opportunities to participants. Leadership and management development, time management, technological skill development, soft skill development, customer and client communication skills management, and other topics are covered in our corporate training.


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