How Can A Java Developer’s Salary Package In India Become 48L CTC In Just Four Years?

Nov 17, 2023 | Java

Java developers add tremendous value to a company by creating and developing software and web applications. If you’re thinking about a career in software development, Java developers are one of the few highly compensated IT professionals. A number of factors influence a Java developer’s salary, and learning how to increase your salary can make this a rewarding career.

In this article, even though we can’t make it clear how as a java developer, you can earn up to 48L in just four years, we still can suggest some tips on how to increase your salary. So keep on reading to find out:

How much does a Java Developer make?

“How much does a Java developer make?” you might wonder if you’re considering a career in technology. A Java developer’s average annual salary is INR 670,902. Education, location, job-specific duties, responsibilities, and experience are all factors that can influence their pay.

Some cities offer better pay than others. For example, in Bengaluru, the average salary is INR 8,15,671 per year, while in Gurgaon, the average salary is INR 7,27,061 per year. Your learning potential can be increased if you have in-demand certifications and a strong portfolio of developing and maintaining Java-based applications.

Tips to Increase Your Salary as a Java Developer:

As a Java developer, there are a few options for increasing your pay:

Tip#1: Keep Learning

Even if you only work in one language, it’s critical to keep your skillset flexible and up to date. Knowledge of various database management languages can help you earn a higher salary. Also, to stay current with the latest tools and technologies, learn new Java tools while working as a Java developer. If you’re a beginner, make sure you get proper Java programming training.

Tip#2: Learn More Skills

There’s a good chance that improving your software development skills will improve your salary. This is due to some factors:

You can complete more tasks that you couldn’t before. You can save your employer time and money by not having to hire or train someone else to complete some tasks. You can provide the employer with more value.

According to our research, software developers with Oracle database skills earn an 8% higher salary. Knowing UNIX, Linux, and PL/SQL will increase your salary by 6%, 4%, and 3%.

The best part is that you no longer need to attend college to learn these skills, thanks to the rise of online education. You can learn by taking an online course.

Tip#3: Get Certified

Certifications can help you demonstrate advanced language skills. It serves as evidence of your Java knowledge and expertise. Certification in Java development can help you find work more quickly and advance your career more quickly.

Tip#4: Move Companies

Moving companies are another common way to increase your software developer salary. This is a riskier option because you may not get a better job and may be out of work for a while. It also necessitates some effort and forethought.

You could start looking for jobs while still working and see if you can find one that pays better. However, getting paid more isn’t the only factor to consider when it comes to changing companies. You should consider the type of job, what you’ll be doing, where the job is located, and any other benefits you might receive.

Tip#5: Get Experienced

Experience is frequently mentioned in salary surveys as a good indicator of someone’s industry knowledge. As a software developer, gaining more experience is a great way to advance your career. However, waiting for time to pass and hoping your salary rises isn’t exactly an actionable tip? And rather than waiting a few years, I’d like to give you something you can do right now.

Working on different projects or in different teams is another way to gain more experience. You can learn new skills, participate in new systems, and collaborate with people you’ve never worked with before. This type of experience will increase your value to the company and, hopefully, improve your performance.

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