Emerging Learning Centres in Tech-Park Premises – A Boon For Graduates?

Sep 19, 2023 | Techmindz, Uncategorized

India has made significant progress in transforming its business environment into a more technologically advanced network. Data Analytics, Block chain, Artificial Intelligencecybersecurity, gaming, animation, machine learning, medical electronics, and software design have all seen significant growth in the Indian IT industry over the last few years.

In addition, the government has actively promoted tech-oriented start-ups for export. This article looks at the benefits of locating your learning centres in a software technology park.

1.    Flexibility

The element of flexibility is one of the best advantages of learning centres. Graduates and trainers alike benefit from flexibility learning because they have complete control and accountability over their learning and teaching. It also allows them to set time according to their own needs and schedules.

Some graduates, for example, can study better in the evenings, but traditional educational institutions limit them by only offering daytime classes. Thanks to technology-based learning, these students can decipher their Knowledge and tailor the course to their schedules and abilities.

2.    Faster Employee Onboarding

The onboarding process is more ingrained when a learning centre teaches internal tech courses. Onboarding a new employee necessitates thorough training, which is costly and time-consuming.

When new employees join the team, they will be familiar with the processes, technology, and tools.

3.    Recruiting for New Technologies

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, virtual and augmented reality, and other cutting-edge technologies make it challenging to find qualified individuals working in these specialised areas on the open market.

A learning centre like Techmindz can discover the natural aptitude of graduates for these technologies, transition them into open roles, and leapfrog its competition by teaching its courses.

4.    Acquiring Talent Faster

For a long time, demand for data scientists has outpaced supply due to the scarcity of available talent in this market.

The main advantage is that data science talent can be found more quickly. Large companies can tailor education to their specific problems, resulting in shorter feedback loops and faster learning.

5.    Creating Learning Cultures

It’s all about continuing to learn. Learning centres that encourage employee education can help establish a learning culture, which is important in today’s world. In the blink of an eye, technology evolves.

Building skills in-house is a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer. The employee maintains their sharpness, while the employer benefits from a skilled and competent workforce.

6.    More Hiring Freedom

The beauty of this is that once a company establishes the infrastructure for an internal university, education will be faster and more efficient. Still, the company will also have more flexibility in hiring.

If a company likes a candidate but lacks a few key skills, the company can put that candidate through the necessary training rather than rejecting a great fit.

Get Trained in the Best Learning Centre- Techmindz

Infopark in Kochi has its learning and mentoring platform, backed by NDimensionZ – Techmindz. Being a complete tech training centre, Techmindz ensures in training and carving fresh graduates and professionals to find their biggest dream job in the future.

At Techmindz, you will receive master training from experts, preparing you to enter other corporations.

Why Choose Techmindz as Your Learning and Mentoring Platform?

· 100% job placement assistance

· Expert trainers

· Contextual mode of training

· Peer learning

· provides free learning/mentoring opportunities for new grads

· developing skills in emerging technologies

· If selected, you will get a chance to work with NDZ for an internship directly

 The training at Techmindz addresses the business needs and learning objectives.  We believe that forming a group allows for more company-specific training and easier discussion of real-world examples. Our mission is to provide high-quality training to address industry skill shortages while also addressing issues like our educational system and economy’s quality, reach, and relevance.

By keeping our promises, we hold ourselves accountable to our students. Our close-knit team of multi-platform certified faculty, who have hands-on experience with various technologies, will support a student’s desire to learn. Our systematic approach to assessing students would enable us to resolve their concerns quickly. We value integrity, honesty, and openness to our clients and students as a company.

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