Robotic Process Automation and Cloud Computing: A promising career trend

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Cloud Computing are one of the most talked-about IT trends nowadays. This is because both have helped several enterprises save money while adding convenience to the users as well. Apart from Cloud, RPA is a relatively new and vastly evolving industry whereby the IoT and the 24/7 connectivity of devices have transformed several industries in streamlining businesses and optimizing their operational efficiency. So as RPA services have increased significantly over the years, having a career in the Robotic Process Automation is sure to create a good impression on potential employers. Similarly, is the case with Cloud. By keeping yourself updated with its latest trends, you can further the chances of getting a better job and higher salaries with improved professional growth. So, both of these IT trends have their benefits while considering them as a career option. 

Why should you consider a career in the Cloud ?

Cloud computing is the process of accessing programs and saving data on the internet, rather than keeping them on a computer’s hard drive. With cloud computing, collaborations have become much more manageable. Many organizations are being embraced now, which leads to continually generating new job opportunities in this stream. So, here we list down a few benefits of having a career in the cloud computing field:

1. Demand for Cloud Professionals Will Continue to Grow

Most organizations are looking for IT professionals who have professional training in Cloud and help them seamlessly implement a cloud environment into their infrastructures. Here at Techmindz, we provide comprehensive cloud computing training and certifications, which will be an added advantage for the professionals. With the sector increasing, many companies will hunt for such well-trained professionals specializing in cloud computing.

2. Secure Job

Cloud is always here to stay, as it has become the preferred way of delivering software solutions. Even many companies, big and small, rely on cloud services for accessing software they need to function on. So, those with the latest skill in the Cloud will succeed and remain highly employable. This means you are likely to experience job security in the long-term.

3. Competitive Salaries

With the industry continuing to grow, cloud computing skills are highly sought by many employers. This high demand results in providing impressive high salaries. Cloud computing training can be the right step that can enhance your skills and earning potentials. The scope of cloud computing is much brighter, with its market in India at $2 billion and is further expected to grow with an annual growth rate of 30%. By 2020, this is expected to reach $4 billion, wherein it creates more than a million jobs in this country. The roles specific to this domain include Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Enterprise Architect, Cloud Software Engineer, etc. which will be in for high demand in the future.

Why should you consider a Career in RPA?

Similarly is the case with RPA, wherein a career in RPA is considered to be very useful. It is quite a new field which is getting popularized at a faster rate in many organizations now. 

High Demand

It is best to know RPA as its future seems to be very flashy and exciting within no time. As middle management’s in the IT sector has become a standstill now, this is the best time to get into RPA.

Better Pay Packages

Like cloud computing, this field also ensures better pay packages for the professional experts who are highly talented about the entire functioning aspects of this unique field. There are many job titles available in RPA. Some of the most common roles include- Business Analyst/RPA Consultant, RPA Technical Writer, RPA Developer, RPA Project Manager, RPA Architect, etc.

A Win-Win in RPA and Cloud

There are plenty of job options created by both RPA as well as Cloud. Before hiring, companies would prefer someone who knows the skills needed and has the minimum training to handle the necessary things. So getting trained and certified in both will always give the right boost to your career.

At Techmindz, we ensure giving the best training in both RPA and Cloud Computing, wherein we help you master the skills needed to become experts in your specific career path. With our real-time dedicated training and career-building programs, you can earn the qualifications that both Cloud and RPA employers are looking for.