Online Learning: Reason to promote

In recent years, the success of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) has sky rocketed. Digital training has been reaching more and more corners of the world. What has remained reserved only for traditional teachings is being used in online learning as well. Today in the middle of the pandemic, it has succeeded in effectively providing learning . In 2019, According to data from LinkedIn , seven out of ten companies utilize an online medium in their corporate training. At Techmindz, we have been producing online learning experiences for more than five years. In this article , we explain what it consists of and what are the advantages of using this effective form of education.

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What is online learning?
Online digital education combined MOOC’s
Advantages of Online training
Trends in online training

1. What is online learning?

Online education, also known as E-learning, is any learning process that occurs through digital environments and the use of the Internet. In this type of training, the interaction between teachers and students is essential. Other terms by which it is known are online training and virtual teaching. To this importance of contact, even in real-time if the class is broadcast live, is added the possibility for students to work on different online activities or respond to evaluation tests. All this is possible, thanks to the Internet and e-learning platforms, also known as LMS (Learning Management System).

2. Online digital education combined MOOC’s

The Massive Open Online Courses, Open and Corporate Courses are a highlight of Techmindz training. This is characterized by allowing access to hundreds or thousands of students at the same time. MOOC’s are consolidated as a teaching format or a complement to it in which millions of people trust each year.

3. Advantages of online training

Technology makes many things easier for us and education is not going to be an exception. We review the reasons why this is the perfect time to invest in digital experiences for improving your corporate skill sets.

i) Quick access, development and updating of content

If you are the Training Manager of a company or you work in a Human Resources department, you will have faced this situation many times: you need to train the team in a specific subject as soon as possible. Thanks to e-learning and Techmindz by which you can develop particular materials or acquire courses already created on the topics you need.

ii) Reduce costs

According to data from the eLearning Industry portal, online formats reduce the costs of the face-to-face option by up to 50%. This large figure would grow even more if we took into account the expenses that may remain hidden: such as the time invested in organizing the sessions, the materials and spaces necessary for them or the required travel.

iii) Access to information at all times & Interactive sessions.

70% of employees search for services like Google for information for their daily work. Wouldn’t it be better if they had this knowledge accessible at all times? With a corporate online training platform, they will be able to have the data at the moment in which the doubt arises. No more interference or time wasted on fruitless searches due to the interactive sessions.

iv) Corporate training: Improves the productivity of the employees.

This is one of the most obvious advantages, but no less remarkable for that. Better-trained teams perform their work more efficiently, and this translates into increased productivity. Online formats live a golden age; hence new ideas and methodologies continuously appear.

4. Booming Technology and Job opportunities: Corporate Training Trends:

The online learning courses have set a new level in the changing technologies in time. Some of the courses available are crucial in getting good corporate attention and building a strong career.

i) Python/Django

Python is the most popular programming language allows you to work in different fields of computing with a vast catalogue of specialized libraries designed for it.

ii) MEAN / MERN Stack

MEAN is collectively a free, quick and organized set of JavaScript technologies with the capability to develop fast dynamic websites and rapid prototypes of web-based applications.

iii) Robotic Process Automation ( RPA )

Robotic Process Automation allows anyone to configure software or so-called a “robot.” To stimulate and develop the actions of a human who interacts within digital systems to execute different business processes, usually repetitive and regulated.

iv) Big Data

Big Data Technology makes it possible to adapt the size of the cluster in real-time, which allows increasing the to absorb high data peaks, and reducing it when the processing needs decrease. The field of Big data has generated 6000+ jobs in recent 2019 – 2020. Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Architect are some of the roles on-demand in Big Data domain.