Technology keeps advancing day by day, and the users are never getting satisfied with it. The MERN stack is becoming widely popular, showcasing as an excellent choice for developing high-quality web applications. If one can build and deploy good MERN applications, it can help their career prospects as a developer in leading MNC’S.

What is MERN Stack?

MERN stack is a web development framework that is an acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS. Here we list down the details of what each of these components are used for in developing a web application:

·       MongoDB: this is a document-oriented, no-SQL database that is used to store the application data.

·       NodeJS: this is a JavaScript runtime environment used to run JavaScript on a machine rather than in a browser.

·       ExpressJS: it is a framework layered on top of NodeJS, used to build the back-end of a site using NodeJS functions and structures.

·       ReactJS: it is used to make UI components that create the user interface of the single page web application.

The MERN stack contains technologies that cover both the client as well as the server-side. JavaScript is the primary language, so there won’t be any need to learn multiple.

 Programming languages. MongoDB, NodeJS, and ExpressJS are dedicated to developing the back-end of web applications.

ReactJS is considered one of the best libraries for developing user interfaces, whereas ExpressJs is perfect for speed enhancements.

Why is MERN Growing Rapidly in Web Programming?

MERN stack is a platform that provides enterprises and businesses with the nimbleness, performance, and intelligence needed to drive their businesses ahead. Nowadays, all internet users demand high levels of performance and interactivity. Hence JavaScript is at the core of many technologies empowering developers to create and deliver websites giving the same experience as desktops and mobile apps.

JavaScript isn’t only about adding visual effects to websites; instead, it loads faster and plays a task in implementing application logic and information access. During this pandemic, where massive open online courses have skyrocketed, MERN online learning is sure to boost the career goal of a code developer.

A Closer Look at MERN Stack Components

1.    MongoDB

It is a document database wherein the data is stored in flexible documents with a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) based query language. Here, the content, size, and number of fields in the documents can differ, meaning that the data structure can be changed over time. It is best known for its flexible and scalable features.

Why Use MongoDB?

· Scheme Less

· Simple atmosphere setup

· Flexible document model

2.    Express

This is a web application framework for NodeJS. It simplifies the task of writing server code. There’s no need to repeat the same code as done earlier with the NodeJS HTTP module for developers. It is designed for building robust and scalable web applications and APIs and is best known for its fast speed and minimal architecture.

Why Use Express?

· Asynchronous and single-threaded

· Code reusability using a built-in router

3.    React

React developed by Facebook developers is used for creating views in HTML, wherein it uses a comprehensive programming language to build repetitive DOM elements. This completely differentiates MERN from MEAN.

Why Use React?

· Features like Virtual DOM, JSX, and Components make it much faster than other frameworks

· Supports components that are essential building blocks of UI

4.    NodeJS

This is built on Google Chrome and open-sourced by Google. It is built on Chrome’s JavaScript engine and is designed to develop scalable network applications. It works better when enclosed with an HTML page instead of using its module.

Why Use NodeJS?

· Single-threaded module

· Supports open-source JavaScript Runtime environment

· Fast code execution

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MERN is considered to be a cost-effective stack with its open-source support and reduced learning time. These four technologies are feasible enough to develop a full-fledged software. MERN is easy to learn and implement, making it popular among developers due to its JavaScript affiliation.

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