MEAN Stack in Infopark Kochin

MEAN Stack Training in Infopark provided by Techmindz is one of the industry opening programme launched by Ndimensionz. MEAN Stack is a complete range of software for the web development. A Mean Stack developer has to develop from the client to the server to the database. Techmindz alligned a team of our company to provides MEAN Stack training program to master all the skill set that are necessary to become a MEAN Stack developer. We can help you to build a successful career and find a job in MEAN stack at infopark kochi.

What is MEAN Stack ?

MEAN Stack is a collection of JavaScript based technologies for the web development. The acronym MEAN represents MongoDB, Express JS, AngularJS, and Node.js. Mean is the congregation of JavaScript-based technologies that enable web applications to run faster.

Tools of MEAN

M- MongoDB is a NoSQL database, it stores data in Json with the form of Key-Value pair

E- Express.JS is lightweight NodeJS framework.

A- AngularJs is front end framework that helps you to use HTML as a Template language.

N- Node.JS helps us to create web server to build web applications that runs on it.

Why choosing MEAN stack in projects ?

Like any other technology, MEAN stack comes with its set of benefits, which makes it the best choice for web and application development.

 Highly flexible

 Cost-effective

 Open-source

 Easy to switch between client and server

 Right for real-time web applications

 Time-saving

Who can learn MEAN Stack ?


The only thing you need to learn before MEAN stack is JavaScript. Because MEAN Stack is made up of technologies that all use JavaScript. Also you should be comfortable writing markup in HTML, style sheets in css and basic JavaScript and also a little bit of jQuery. If you wish to learn any of these things then you can do this end to end certification course.

The scope of MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack developer is a well-known job profile; a company will always prefer a MEAN Stack developer over someone who is adept in one language. A MEAN Stack developer is an all-in-one package; they are proficient in the use of several technologies and there is a rapidly growing demand for MEAN developers in the industry. MEAN Stack developers are also paid more than the other developers.

Future of Mean stack Developer

Please don’t be surprised, If I tell you that JavaScript [the basis of MEAN stack] is also one of the most in-demand programming languages in the US. More than a fact, this is a trend that needs to be observed. Such tech giants are always the ones which heavily invest in R&D for future trends and are looking to initially monopolize the trend. This has called for other companies to continuously look for new avenues to expand their business and reach. Keeping this in mind, Full Stack developers have singular knowledge of both front-end and back-end making them one of the most sought-after talents for the companies.

How much a MEAN developer earns?

It can be confidently stated that Full Stack Developers Salary in India is lucrative. On average, they earn Rs. 613 K / year.