Things to Consider while Changing your Job in IT

Gone are the days were people used to join an organization after their graduation and would retire from it when they reached the retirement age. Nowadays, people consider a career change for a variety of reasons. It is a crucial decision in one’s life and making the wrong move can set back by a couple of years or even can never bring you on to your career track that you longed to be. However, taking the correct move can put you on your right path in getting your dream job where promotions, bonuses, increments, as well as career growth come at a faster pace.

Why People Change Careers

There are many reasons why people want a career change. It is one’s personal desire to do so. Some of the top five reasons being listed by the Job list’s Midlife Career Crisis survey is as follows:

i) Better Pay
ii) Too Stressful
iii) Better Work-life Balance
iv) Wanted a new Challenge
v) No longer passionate about the field

Changing careers might make one happier at work, and may even boost ones earning potential. But, certain things need to be carefully considered before taking the plunge.

Most Important Things To Consider Before Switching your Career

Evaluate Why You Wish to Change Careers

Don’t give up on your old career. Think twice before jumping out, as you have invested your time and energy to create an image of yourself in this field. Find out if you have job satisfaction in working for the current domain. If no, then proceed further with switching. No longer passionate about the field.

Consider Alternative Careers

Search for alternative career options that resonate with your passion and core values. Discuss with friends, family members, and networking contacts, or even with a career counsellor as they make you see things clearer.

Check for Job Availability

Deciding on the career alone is not enough. Conduct a comparative evaluation of several fields to identify a few targets for your job. Take the time to research companies in your prospective areas. Please get to know the companies’ mission and their biggest challenges.

Upgrade your Skills

Look out for ways that help you to develop new skills in your current job, which would pave the way for a career change. Join a certification course or training institutes like Techmindz that will assist in developing skills in emerging technologies through our technology mentoring and learning programs.

Experiment for a Short While

Start by freelancing first or take up an internship wherein you will know precisely whether you like the new career or not. Ensure that you choose a job that will allow you to branch off and explore new opportunities. 

Work Culture

Different organizations have different work cultures. It is always better to understand the work culture and see if one is comfortable working in such a work environment before accepting the new role. Only join a company that has a work culture that you feel comfortable to go ahead.


While thinking to switch careers, you might be on the verge of choosing the job with the highest salary. But it is always important to consider the total package: health insurance, a retirement package, are there other job benefits like flexible schedules, maternity leaves, vacation days, etc.

Consider a New Role in the Same Industry

If you wish to switch your career, shifting to a new role in the same industry would work in your favor as your previous experience will also be counted when applying for a job in the same industry. Here, you can consider alternative roles within your organization that would utilize the industry knowledge that you already have.

Techmindz as your Career Counselor

Having a strong foundation in your practice area or upgrading the knowledge that you already possess and expertise gives an added advantage while switching your career in IT. Techmindz has earned a place amongst the best IT training institutes in India with its wide range of placement oriented IT courses that it has to offer. Some of the noted programs include RPA, digital marketing, Cloud, Big Data, etc. We have a wide variety of career, professional, short-term certification courses that are specifically designed for the learning and career needs of professionals.