The gig economy has been the talk of the town for many years now, and a growing number of people are already working in it. During the corona virus pandemic, newfound freedom takes place for many gig workers, even for those from the IT industry.

While the idea of not having a steady income can be quite scary, being part of the gig economy has numerous advantages such as flexible hours to work along with the ability to work for various companies, thereby gaining more expertise.

What is a Gig Economy?

The gig economy is a workforce that is based on single projects or tasks for which a worker is hired, mostly through a digital marketplace based on demand.

Earlier when workers who were unable to find a job can now make a living by performing gigs on their own time. This opportunity provides a higher earning potential, lots of flexibility, and a much-needed relief from the dreaded 9-5 job.

More than half of the gig economy’s jobs mainly come from industries such as healthcare, education, construction, professional and business services. Some of the notable categories include legal services, transportation, warehousing, information technology, and communications.

Among these tech jobs are the highest paid in the gig economy. For many years an increasing number of organizations are hiring freelance programmers for domains such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, VR, robotics, etc.

Benefits of taking up a job in the Gig Economy

So, if the 9-to-5 job hasn’t materialized for you yet, here are a few reasons to consider earning a job in the gig economy instead. Taking up a gig economy job indeed comes with high paying packages with an average salary of $31.23/hour.

· Provides Flexibility

The primary reason why people are drawn to the gig economy is due to its flexibility to work. With this, the professionals don’t have to commit to a full-time employment arrangement; hence they have full control over their work schedules. As a gig worker, you get to choose when and where you work, with whom to work, and you can fix even the rates at certain times.

· Gaining Marketable Skills

A gig economy job can teach you many useful skills for your professional career. While taking up a peer-to-peer job, enables you to improve your communication and customer service skills. And while structuring your work schedule, you will gain time-management skills.

· Plenty of Options

With the low barriers for entry and endless other opportunities in the gig economy, people find it much easier to get into their specific fields. The rising gig economy offers new opportunities to many career paths in the IT field that were previously limited.

How is the Gig Economy Changing the Tech World?

Where most of the industries are evolving and changing, the tech industry is one of the most susceptible ones to the gig economy. A recent survey by the online freelancing platforms Upwork and Freelancers Union stated that in the US the freelance workforce is growing three times faster than the other workforces and that the majority of people will be working as freelancers by 2027.

Blockchain Transparency

The decentralized technology used in blockchains is highly capable of changing the way in which workers consider the nature of their works. Most of the gig economy relies on trust, and the nature of blockchain allows both the gig workers and the client to see who performed which work at what time.

It allows independent workers to verify their skills and talents, thereby allowing fewer opportunities for their works to go uncredited. Even the payment gets automatically credited as part of their agreement of the work and hence makes blockchain more valuable for the freelancers.

App Innovation

Many gig economy-based companies like Uber rely on apps that are being created to serve the needs. And such apps rely on the most skilled developers and need frequent updating. Here, the gig economy fuels itself with innovations, and thereby the opportunities continue to grow.

Techmindz Shaping Graduates for the Gig Economy

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