The importance of Learning and Mentoring platforms for corporates

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes to our daily lives. Even it has dramatically changed the business world, wherein it forces most employees to work from home, or required significant changes to remain open and serve the necessary amenities. This ultimately resulted in many organizations’ significant weaknesses, as they lacked the technology and systems to keep up their workforce. So here comes the need for mentoring and learning platforms that keep the employees engaged and up to date about the latest technology, processes, and best practices. Many companies like Techmindz are on the verge of providing gifted mentoring and learning programs.


Organizations have three phases of response towards the pandemic- React, Respond, and Return.

The first phase being React, where the employers had to swiftly react to set in place plans for the coordination and survival of the organization.

The second phase Respond, where organizations made the ‘work-from-home’ policy and training programs.

The third phase is Return, where organizations would be thinking of returning to everyday life. And this is believed to be a se710c0cvere business transformation where corporate training would be required.

Most of the organizations are either in the Respond or Return stage. Few changes that can be expected in the mentoring and training platforms are as follows:

Increased Speed of Learning

With the Covid-19 going on, businesses will change a lot where there will be a clear shift from the structured and planned organizational learning to a more agile operational learning. It will be more focused on how work happens, which is exactly needed in these challenging times. As mentioned, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced a lot of operational changes, to ensure the organizations’ survival in the market.

Forced Digital Transformation

The pandemic has created a situation where it seems that the world’s timeline will be divided into ‘before’ and ‘after the pandemic’. Before the pandemic, a lot of operational work knowledge was stored in training manuals and books. And all this content became inaccessible by the organization that did not go for a digital transformation. All of a sudden, it felt that corporate training was unavailable and locked away. Due to this, many organizations have taken their steps forward in converting their classroom training to E-learning or virtual training and is expected that many organizations will follow suit. There will be a massive demand for the digital transformation of learning aspects.

Rapid E-learning on Priority

Rapid E-learning authoring tools are getting better each day with most of them facilitating simple, quick, and collaborative authoring. Early organizations would wait months to design some dazzling E-learning courses, where organizations would now prefer to keep it simple and low cost.

Better Adoption of Micro-learning

In the post-pandemic world, it is expected that the learners will continue to take charge of their corporate learning expertise. When operational learning initiatives are counted, learners would prefer bite-sized learning that they can quickly internalize and apply in their next phone call or meeting with a customer. Learners wouldn’t prefer spending hours in front of the computers of training, especially where they are already overwhelmed and stressed with the pandemic. They might be more receptive to learning that is being delivered in the form of micro-learning nuggets. The ideal format for reinforcement of organizational learning will be micro-learning. So there will be a big boom in micro-learning very soon.

Better Training Yields Better Results

Given the increased urgency of training and primarily due to the pandemic, informal and untracked training will no longer be sufficient. In short, the pandemic has sharpened the need for a well-defined, strategic training plan.

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