Looking to scale up your marketing in your business? Then you will need talented people who can take charge of and execute your strategy.

If you own a business, digital marketing SEO is one of the best strategies to help your business grow, wherein you can reach more leads and increase revenue. And suppose you are someone trying to change your career stream or wondering what to study next, in that case, digital marketing is a good option for you. As digital marketing is more flexible, versatile and offers exciting career opportunities.


Now with the Covid-19 pandemic having a deep influence on everyone’s life, marketing trends are not only asking for a transition but are also moving forward for a digital transformation. So with this comes the dilemma: Should SEO be done 100% in-house or hire an agency partner for it? This depends on your situation.

What is the difference between in-house vs agency marketing?

In-house marketing depends on an internal marketing team, which your company maintains for marketing your own business. In comparison, agency marketing accepts an external or outsourced marketing team wherein you will have to pay them to market your business.

As already mentioned, there are compelling reasons for both, and it mostly depends on your situation. Read on to find out which best suits you.

Benefits of Going In-House:

1.    Employees are More Focused

While working with an agency, the chances are that people assigned to your project might work with other clients. Juggling with multiple projects means that the agency may not be able to give their full brain power, as would be the case of an employee solely working in your business.

But also keep in mind that the focus may not be enough to get the best results. Even if an agency works with multiple clients, they may still have the expertise to help achieve better results.

2.    Brand Familiarity

Having an in-house team comes with the benefits of being fully immersed in your brand, and your business succeeds with content intelligence. This means that they will have a higher level of brand familiarity.

Better brand familiarity means better customer insights and will know how to serve their needs better. Your employees will also have a more realistic appraisal of what your business is capable of.

3.    Better Control

Working with the in-house team gives better control over the execution of your digital marketing strategy. Having your team means you will have better oversight of what is happening at work.

With an in-house team, you will have more flexibility in the work, wherein you get the benefits of a much closer collaboration with them compared to an external agency.

Benefits of Working with Marketing Agency:

1.    Deeper Expertise

As emerging technologies are rising, marketing agencies are more likely to have deeper expertise in a specific role or industry. This is because they are more likely

to be specialized in a particular area or have experience in handling and fulfilling client requirements.

They might have a better industry insight as they have worked with dozens of clients at a time. So the chances are high wherein they will have a higher level of competence and expertise in their domain.

2.    Scalable

Two of the key challenges of scaling a business are getting the right talent and getting enough new customers. This can be dealt with by hiring the right marketing agency.

You will not have to worry about finding and hiring senior marketing people on the talent side. For this, you will not even have to build a management structure either.

3.    Diverse Skills

While going for an agency, you are not just hiring one person. Instead, you’re hiring a whole team which can sometimes be ten or more people.

A diverse team can solve problems faster and gives you more flexibility with your marketing strategy.

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Whether you go in-house or hire an agency partner will come down to your unique business situation. The best journey forward may be a combination of some in-house hires supplemented with a digital marketing agency.

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