Nowadays, content intelligence (CI) is the hottest buzzword in content marketing technology. It offers content marketers better data for their audiences and enables them to gain valuable insights.

It encompasses various technologies that allow a business to reduce processing times, avoid human error, and increase the overall speed. It includes factors like big data management, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc., to improve and formulate a business’s content.

What is Content Intelligence?

CI is a combination of systems and software that converts data into actionable insights for the content marketing strategy.Businesses succeed in converting random people into their customers by developing a strategy for content management, which helps them manage quality content. Here, CI plays a vital role in creating, managing, and executing successful content with minimal manual work.

Benefits of Content Intelligence

1. Better Understanding of Audience

The basic and foremost step in creating a win-win marketing strategy is by understanding your audiences. The same is the case when it comes to content strategy. It is vital that your content speaks to your audience and conveys the message rightly. Here CI assists in providing crucial information about your targeted audiences and also helps in identifying new audiences.

Content intelligence platforms gather in-depth details about your customers, such as their interest, browsing history, previous interactions, etc. thereby enabling you to create content based on your customers’ interests, which will help generate more traffic to your website.

2. Channelise on the Right Platform

There are many social media channels, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitch, etc. Picking up the right platform helps to resonate with specific topics to the audiences. For example, if your content is for gamers, Twitch might be more suitable for advertising your product-related content than Pinterest.

Try to be more active on channels that your audiences use often. CI enables you to figure which channels to use, where the audiences are most likely to engage with your content.

3. Enhance the Existing Content

Creating content from scratch is time-consuming. The best way to create more content with minimal effort is to upgrade your old content. For this, CI helps you optimize your previously published content. It recognizes the content that needs to be refurbished by looking into the responses it has received.

You can refresh your content by adding keywords, high-quality images, internal links, etc. to your content. Even small changes reflecting in your content can help you to gain more online visibility.

4. Caters To a More Personalized Experience

It has been found out that nearly 84% of consumers consider customer experience equally as important as products and services. So the best way to improve customer experience is by personalizing. As every customer might be at a different stage of the buying journey, they will be looking at the product with the other intent.

CI enables you to find out each customer’s needs and thereby personalize your content accordingly. For instance, you can make use of the chatbots to send personalized messages to them.

5. Finds the Right Time to Post Content

If you want to reach out to your target audience effectively, timely content distribution is needed. To get more visibility and engagement for your content, you need to post it at the right time, so you need to be aware of your audience’s online availability. This is, however, more complicated than just posting your content on social media.

Even though there may be a lot of information available on the internet that tells you the optimal posting time, they may differ based on your industry and target audiences. With CI, you can find out the days wherein your audiences are most likely to be online for checking your content. It also shows you the best times to post your content on social media.

Content Intelligence in Action

CI gives you a better view of your company’s positioning and overall performance against your competitors. It is the formula that businesses need to propel their content to the next level. This is being progressed with time, enabling us to understand what to share and when to share the content.

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