Do you want to be an application developer?

If that’s the case, opt to learn Flutter on the first go! During the year 2021, Flutter has gained a lot of attention among developers.

Here let’s introduce Flutter briefly before we move on to the reasons why you should learn Flutter.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a Google-developed open-source, cross-platform app development kit that was released in May 2017. By cross-platform, it can create apps for iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop. This is a significant part of Flutter’s appeal, and it’s one of the reasons it’s gaining popularity so quickly.

Flutter mainly refers to two important things:

1.    Software Development Kit(SDK) – these are a set of tools to assist you in developing your applications. It comes with tools to compile your code into native machine code( for iOS and Android).

2.    A Framework (UI library based)- these are a collection of reusable UI elements (Buttons, text inputs, sliders, etc.) that can be customized to meet your requirements.

Flutter is based on Dart, a Google-developed programming language released in 2011. Those who doubt Dart is a coding language similar to Kotlin, Swift, Ruby, and Java.

So will you also have to learn Dart to learn Flutter? Not necessarily. Even if you have no prior understanding of Dart, you will be able to work on Flutter if you have used any Object-Oriented language such as Java, Python, PHP, or C++. However, knowing the fundamentals of Dart will be beneficial.

Reasons to Learn Flutter

·       Simple to Learn and Develop

Flutter is significantly easier to learn and use than its competitors React Native, Swift, and Java. It uses widgets which makes the UI easy to use. This allows developers to have complete control over app creation while still keeping the process simple.

Flutter contains all the current framework’s requirements, making it simple to construct applications. Programmers regard it as one of the fastest-growing frameworks because of its ease of use in developing applications.

·       Better Documentation

Developing an application also necessitates thorough and effective documentation, with all of the codes’ solutions readily accessible. Flutter’s documentation is fantastic and well-organized, allowing you to understand the grammar and other essential ideas quickly.

Also, because Flutter contains many libraries and widgets, you can locate them in the Flutter documentation.

·       Faster Development

Flutter enables a quick app development process, which saves a significant amount of time getting your app from start to end. It also speeds up and simplifies designing UI/UX because it comes with a rich widget library out of the box.

It also enables stateful hot reload and hot restart, which reduces the time spent reloading the application when minor changes are made. In Flutter, hot reload drastically alters the way you create user interfaces.

·       High Demand for Flutter Developers

Flutter developers are in high demand in the job market since practically everyone is heading toward Native app development, which is where Flutter comes in. Flutter is preferred by many experienced developers who have worked in the development field for a long time.

·       Available on Different IDEs

Developers can pick from a variety of IDEs today based on their preferences and programming languages. IDEs or integrated development environments are software that contains all the tools needed to create an application.

Learning Flutter has the advantage of having extensions for many IDEs, such as Android Studio and Visual Studio (VS) Code, the two most popular code editors.

·       Robust Community

The Flutter community is the most active, diversified, and helpful one. Aside from having an amazing developer community, Google promotes Flutterby hosting exciting events.

This includes hackathons, workshops, and even gatherings where you can show off your work. On several QA sites such as Stack Overflow, the Flutter developer community has seen exponential growth in the last few years.

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