How to bridge an Employment gap and attain a job in IT

“Are Job Breaks Reasonable? “

In this article we discuss what Freshers, women with Maternity break and those affected by the Pandemic can do to get back on track!

Many candidates attend interviews and never get a callback, or most often they get an obnoxious, indolent “we don’t have any vacancies” from a receptionist that can be genuinely frustrating. Here we are talking about the frequent opportunities lost for a group of people and who deserves an inspiration to explore the multiple options hidden in the emerging new world order. Searching after a long period can be difficult, especially for women who decide to dedicate themselves entirely to the family for a while. After a while, things like the curriculum, the way to look for work and even, the way you present yourself in interviews, can achieve the path of success, but also that of failure, frustration and in many cases, abandonment.

Here we highlight the steps that you can take to overcome these problems. So start taking notes!

Optimism does not reign in any university textbook. For example, five students wanted to find out what to expect in terms of their professional future when they finish their studies or what they want to achieve. They see a specialization is necessary and what projects they would like to undertake when the time comes to take their path.

What do they need as an excellent guide to trigger a new start?

Through this article, you will be familiarised with unique trending new opportunities where you can get introduced, trained for making up your career gap and start from where you left off.

Have you faced a job break? Restart by upgrading to the below technologies.


Robotic Process Automation (“Robotic Process Automation” or RPA) is a type of technological automation that is transforming the way companies operate. RPA software robots manipulate and communicate with your business systems and applications to streamline processes and reduce the workload on human resources. Robotic Process Automation software differs from other automation solutions thanks to its flexibility and ability to integrate workflows efficiently across the entire company.


The field of data and Big Data generated 5000+ jobs in recent years. The demand for these profiles has grown by 17% compared to 2015. It has been predicted that the need for experts in Big Data will increase by 28% this year. There are numerous job opportunities for the Big Data experts.

Below are a few job opportunities for Big Data experts.

Data Analyst
Data Scientist
Chief Data Officer
Data Architect
Big Data Architect


A developer or a development team is incomplete without a MEAN stack knowledge. The MEAN stacks are an open-source system that helps the community increase flexibility. MEAN stack developer with AWS experience is an exclusive asset as the development will be without fear of challenges for the Research &Development team. The MEAN stack framework is developed through a combination of the MongoDB database and advanced technologies such as ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. “MEAN” stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js, respectively. MEAN is a stack used to develop web apps and mobile apps. It is a java-script based open source technology which offers many tools and plugins.

MEAN STACK Developer

A MEAN stack developer is a coding jack-of-all-trades who has mastered every part of the development stack. A MEAN stack developer should have the skill to build the meal kit and cook it too. MEAN stack developers should be able to create a full web application, front-end and back-end, all on their own. Also, they should be comfortable writing JavaScript and CSS one day and Python (or some other language) and SQL the next, all at a senior level. By starting to learn any courses for developing your skillsets and upgrading yourself with the mentioned technologies will raise yourselves back to the track.


A strong working background in Python systems or libraries will take a person to the new world of unique possibilities in this emerging technology world. Freshers can acquire the job of Junior Backend Developer Python (Django, Flask, RoR) after learning Python/Django courses. Experienced candidates who are looking for a better opportunity can try the vacancies for Backend Developer – Core Python/Django, Senior Python Developer – Flask/ Django, Lead Python Developer – Database Schema/Django/Flask.

It will be good to have applied knowledge on Java/C++/Perl/Python/Django. Experience with SQL, Spark, Hadoop, or other big data processing systems a plus. If you want to become an expert in any of the above-detailed courses, coaching in Techmindz with specific courses will help you achieve your goal. Techmindz is one of the leading training institutes where you can get career-oriented courses and training based on your experience and ambition.