India is an innovation hotbed for people. Per year, over 1.5 lakh learners pass out with an engineering degree. Maybe you’re one of them. However, many of these students also ask “What to do after engineering” or how to get a job after engineering.” Here, I will address the best seven career opportunities a graduate can select after engineering. One of the most common undergraduate subjects is and continues to be engineering. You may not be conscious of the many job opportunities after engineering as a recent graduate. I have therefore attempted to compile a list of 7 of the multiple paths that you will set foot on after BTECH.

1. College placements

After engineering, college placements are among the most common career opportunities. They have been an integral part of good engineering institutions’ offerings.

With little work, campus placements take you straight to recruiters and allow you to get a competitive career. Do not forget that because of less competition, it would be better for you to get a position by campus placements than outside.

2. Higher studies

After engineering, one of the most common career choices is to seek further studies. It would help if you studied for the GATE exam as a BTEC graduate.

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an assessment that measures the detailed comprehension of subjects in undergraduate engineering. You will join prestigious engineering schools (IITs and NITs) for M. Tech with an outstanding GATE ranking. One of the favourite courses after engineering is M. Tech.

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3. PSU

It would be unfair to neglect PSUs since we’ve already discussed the GATE test. You may also opt to enter government-run PSUs after engineering and get a good-paying career.

The level of competition for these positions is pretty high. But it’s worth it. PSUs validate your GATE rank for recruitment. Multiple PSUs live, and each of them annually announces the GATE score for submission.

4. Management

It would help if you got an MBA to access this sector. One of the favoured courses after engineering is an MBA. And you’re going to have to take the CAT test , for that (Common Aptitude Test). In the CAT test, your total score will determine which institute accepts you.

You will get managerial positions in multiple businesses after learning management. After engineering in India, management is one of the finest career opportunities. This is the perfect choice for those who want to climb up the corporate ladder quickly. Managers are among India’s highest-paid workers as well. You would probably love to explore this area.

5. Apprenticeships

It also becomes complicated to find a full-time job in a respectable sector shortly after graduation. Internships or apprenticeships are great ways of introducing yourself to the professional atmosphere of the modern world. They will help develop your professional attitude and get a better understanding of work ethics, but they last for just a few months (3-6 months).

Internships are like a short-term process of preparation in which you learn the ropes of the job, understand how to act in the office, and realize your core strengths and limitations. They offer the ideal opportunity for you as a professional to learn and develop.

6. Industry

Landing a job in the private sector has its special challenges. The primary concern is that the supply of engineering graduates is much greater than the demand generated by businesses in the private sector. In the labour market, which translates to cut-throat rivalry.

7. Entrepreneurship

There was an era in which engineers shied away from entrepreneurship. Yet the contributions of many engineering entrepreneurs have inspired young people in recent years. After graduation, you can opt to launch your entrepreneurial journey.


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